Top 5 Institutes for BIM Architecture Courses in Chennai [2024]


Building information modeling (BIM) is the virtual model that represents the real behavior of a structure during construction. The core feature of BIM training in Chennai is to accumulate all the project knowledge in one place, where architects can comfortably immerse themselves into the building’s foundations, surroundings, previous layouts, and even future scenarios. 

BIM Coaching in Chennai helps in developing the virtual environment for any architecture model which helps to manage all the data related to any design. 


BIM software course in chennai


Why should Architects learn BIM software courses? 

Architectural BIM Services provide the model with the right amount of information needed from the plans, sketches, point cloud scan, and PDF, as well as customize the Revit content and also deliver the 3D rendering & visualization in level LOD per the agreed scope of work (SOW) in each project. In contrast to CAD which is a 2D or 3D drawing with no differentiation of its components, BIM professional course for architects uses a 4D and 5D in its approach. 

Benefits of BIM for architects

BIM Architecture course brings major advantages for Architect professionals and also brings enhancement through BIM for architects in their careers. Some of the major benefits of BIM courses for Architects include,   

BIM software training in chennai


Collaboration and Coordination

BIM software course brings together the architect, engineer, contractor, and other parties involved in the project by smooth cooperation. While the CAD can be regarded as different 3D spaces for each discipline, in the BIM, all the parties work in the same coordinate, which makes communication better and eliminates mistakes. 


Data-Driven Decision Making

In BIM all building details like material, dimensions, cost, and performance, which are the 4 most important aspects of a building, are offered. This data-driven approach provides architects with just the right kind of information to ensure that they design long-lasting, efficient, and functional buildings. 


Visual Realism

A BIM 3D model is like real life and much better than 2D CAD drawings. It not only assists the architects and customers by visualizing the final one but it is also very useful in marketing and presentation.


Energy and Environmental Analysis

BIM software tools contain energy analysis tools that enable the architects to make a scenario for the building's environmental yield. This is how architects can come up with ideas that are more energy-conscious and environmentally friendly than usual.


Project Lifecycle Management

BIM professional course for civil engineers extends beyond the stage of design as it could be of use in project management, scheduling of construction, and facility management. This methodology involves an integrated approach where the design intention of the building is realized even during the lifecycle of the building.


The Future Implications

The combination of CAD and BIM courses opens up great opportunities for the architecture and construction industry. 


Increased Efficiency

The possibility of creating more detailed and accurate schemes, as well as a lower number of mistakes, will decrease their revision expenses.



Autodesk BIM course will allow architects to create healthy buildings that will have less impact on the environment because decision-makers will have access to very powerful analysis tools.


Prefabrication and Modular Construction

Through BIM software training, prefabrication and modular construction could be developed to a high standard of accuracy. Consequently, there will be speedy completion of the projects and zero wastage.

Smart Buildings

With Autodesk BIM training, architects will be able to design interactive buildings that appreciate technology for better user experience and power management.

AEC Integration

The BIM scenario will create an integrated approach in the AEC environment through project delivery optimization. 

By learning through BIM training in Chennai you can earn essential skillsets to understand and achieve the benefits related to BIM for Architecture. 


Trending BIM Architecture Courses in Chennai: 

Building Information Modeling course in Chennai involves the trending BIM Architecture software that aspires to enhance your architectural career.  


1. BIM - Building Information Modelling : 

BIM software course is a process of developing and managing information related to every stage of ownership and operation of the real estate project from conception to demolition. Indeed, this will be part of the process as a digital record that is unified of all domains of the built assets is created, with the use of certain IT technologies. 


2. BIM Revit Training - Revit MEP

The Autodesk Revit MEP for Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a multidisciplinary design tool that can integrate teams and tools, as well as extend the designs through detailing. The BIM environment during the project development will be open to different skilled people including designers, engineers, and contractors. 


3. AutoCAD Civil 

AutoCAD Civil 3D is a software developed and used by Autodesk for civil engineering which serves as a design and building information modeling (BIM) solution for civil construction. Civil 3D applies to building information modeling workflows and adds the creation of 3D intelligent models to the toolset. 

4. Revit Architecture 

Autodesk REVIT is BIM software that helps in three major aspects of a building project: construction, operation, and maintenance. In Revit Architecture Training in Chennai, building models in 3D that may also have MEP systems and other REVIT Architecture components can be created.


5. 5D BIM Using Naviswork 

Navisworks completely suits the BIM projects as it is a tool for project reviewing. It performs as an essential system of BIM workflow. A 5D BIM is indeed a multipurpose tool that has many more uses than just construction and project management. 

It is important to look for these trending BIM Architecture Software while looking for BIM training in Chennai. 

Top 5 Institutes in 2024 for BIM Software Training in Chennai 

The most important factor to be considered before enrolling in BIM training in Chennai is to search for the best BIM Software Training in Chennai for getting scope and job opportunities after the course completion. Here are the top 5 institutes that provide the best BIM Training in Chennai.


1. CADD Centre 

CADD Centre at Vadapalani and Porur is the best BIM training institute in Chennai for beginners and experienced professionals as we focus on teaching every aspect from basics to advanced topics. CADD Centre’s BIM course in Chennai is renowned for its expert coaching and placement assistance programs. 

Best BIM training institute in Chennai

CADD Vadapalani: 

Phone 9884092853
Email ID
Address Shopping Complex, bus depot, D9, 3rd Floor, Doshi Gardens, Arcot Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026


CADD Porur : 

Phone 9884092869
Email ID
Address 3rd Floor, Arut Jyothi Towers, # 2 & 9, Shakthi Nagar,(Near ICICI Bank), Mount Poonnamalle High Road, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600116



2. Bybitech Academy 

Bybitech comes to the top list when it comes to AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and their respective structure, MEP, and interior designing for BIM training in Chennai

BIM architecture course

Phone 9551664185
Email ID
Address Sri Subha Colony, Bangaru Colony, K. K. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600078


USAM Center of Excellence provides BIM qualification to students, companies, and also professionals. Through their BIM software course in Chennai, they create students and professionals who are more aware of their surroundings and they will aspire to make the world a better place to live.

BIM professional course for architects

Phone 91 9282114114
Email ID
Address 3rd Floor No. 4, 1st Cross St, CIT Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004



ACT MEP with its redesigned training and the variety of tasks made the candidates correspond to industry requirements. Known for providing MEP, CAD, and BIM training in Chennai that can show you the what and how of it that may be needed in appealing jobs in the design of Plumbing, Electrical, and Ventilation.

BIM Revit training

Phone 7204160004
Email ID
Address  No.5, Thamarai Kudiyiruppu, Thirugnanasambandar St, Tiruvalleeswarar Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040


5. Intellimindz

At Intellimindz, you can find the best possible Revit Architecture training in Chennai. The best-in-class staff trains students from the industrial point of view through their mentoring. Intelli Mindz includes Revit Architecture training and also other BIM courses in Chennai

BIM course with placement in chennai

Phone 8925075558
Email ID
Address No. 7/15 Second Floor, United Colony, Velachery Rd, Medavakkam, Chennai- 600100.


CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur has been known for offering the BIM course with placement in Chennai for several years since it was founded. Our institute is also renowned for conducting BIM classes with flexible timings and also offering affordable BIM course fees in Chennai for students and working professionals. 

CADD Centre also organizes other programs such as Mechanical CAD, Architectural CAD, and Automobile Design Courses other than BIM training in Chennai

Frequently asked questions :


1. Where can I learn BIM in Chennai? 

CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur offers the best-in-class BIM training in Chennai making understand the concepts practically through real-time projects with the trending architecture software. 


2. Do BIM courses will have a good scope in the future? 

BIM has a bright future with the increasing level of its involvement in the AEC industry. BIM technology can create different types of environmental conditions perfect for designers and engineers to maximize the designs for energy efficiency. 


3.What is the most used BIM modeling software? 

Autodesk Revit is one of the most applied BIM software tools in the world and is used by BIM architects, BIM engineers, and construction units from all over the world. The use of Revit to create 3D BIM models leads to a dramatic decrease in errors and leads to better visualization and construction drawings.


4. Can a BIM course enhance my career growth? 

BIM certification courses for architects are the career shifters in your professional path. Certifications offered by popular institutes such as CADD Centre are recognized globally by architect professionals.


5. Can a non-technical student learn BIM?

Yes, you can, it is optional to hold a relevant degree to learn BIM courses. Anyone interested in learning architectural design can learn BIM courses in Chennai.


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