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CADD Centre provides the best ETABS Training in Chennai with real-time expertise. We designed this ETABS Training Course from the beginner level to the advanced level. We do assist our students in obtaining suitable Certifications, which gives them a competitive advantage in today's market.





ETABS software is for building analysis and design. It is a comprehensive software suite used for building structural analysis and design. ETABS provides a comprehensive set of code-based design characteristics for steel frames, concrete frames, cold-formed steel frames, and aluminum frames. For structural analysis and design, the software employs modeling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis methodologies, and solution techniques.

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Why Learn ETABS Training in Chennai CADD Centre?


Our ETABS training in Chennai CADD Centre is most suitable for those candidates who are interested in learning about civil design. The ETABS Software course is most suited for the following professionals:


• Architects.
• Designers.
• Civil engineering students who want to learn this software for structural design and analysis.
• Civil engineering students who want to establish a thriving career in the structural design of buildings.
• Graduates who are working on projects on building design.
• Anyone who is willing to learn the ETABS software for Civil Engineering.


Learning ETABS will help these professionals to produce highly scalable, effective, and cost-efficient design models. After learning the ETABS training course students can easily create models using objects and can understand the concepts when editing and creating complex models.

Features of ETABS Training in Chennai CADD Centre

ETABS Training Course Structure


The course structure for ETABS Training in Chennai CADD Centre is listed below,

• Model creation.
• Result reporting.
• Response Spectrum Analysis.

• Push-over Analysis.
• Response History Analysis.
• Concrete Frame Design and Detailing.

• Working with Composite Beam.
• Steel Frame Design and Detailing.
• Dynamic Analysis.

Learning Outcomes of ETABS Software Course


• Students will easily create models using objects and can understand the concepts when editing and creating complex models.
• The student will be able to recognize story levels and be able to input building data in a logical and easy manner.
• Students will have the ability to work with people spanning different disciplines with productive, innovative, and communicative skills.


ETABS Course Fees Structure


To discover more about our ETABS course fees, connect with our student advisor, or fill out our information request form, our student counselor will get to you within 24 hours.


Career Prospects / Job Roles


ETABS is well-known for its static and dynamic analysis of multi-story frame and shear wall structures. It is commonly used to analyze steel-framed constructions. Because it is widely used, those who are familiar with ETABS tools can readily find work in the civil engineering industry as:


• Structural Engineer
• Structural Design Engineer
• Lead structural Engineer

Placement After ETABS Training in Chennai CADD Centre

Our objective is to provide our students with employment and career progression opportunities. In collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), we work to improve students' employability. Learners will receive a professional widely renowned course completion certificate upon completion of the ETABS Training course at the CADD Centre.


Cadd Centre is an excellent option for first-year and final-year students seeking their first job in an organization. We have trained over 42k students and placed them in organizations in over 40 countries. For additional information on placement at CADD Centre, please see our Placed Students List on our website.

Additional Information


ETABS is a term that stands for Extended Three-Dimensional Analysis of a Building System.  It is a sophisticated and appropriate special-purpose analysis and design program designed specifically for building systems. Large and complicated building models are simply configured using ETABS Software with its best-integrated systems and capabilities, which ensure:


• A CAD-like drawing can be created using powerful tools with graphical and object-based interfaces.
• Increases the productivity of structural engineers in the building industry.
• It saves time and is more efficient than general-purpose programs.


Why learn ETABS Software Course?


• ETABS can assist one in swiftly and successfully converting their ideas into product designs.

• It improves the geometry learning capability of the building system.

• In ETABS software, model generation and result reporting are done at the object level. It enables the designer to focus on macro-performance goals.

• It can handle lateral processes easily, as well as Response Spectrum Analysis, Push-over analysis, and Response History Analysis. The data output options in ETABS - special purpose software are more suited to the lateral design.

• ETABS can handle large-scale seismic projects, particularly those involving Non-Linear Modeling.

• It includes library files for a variety of pre-designed or pre-built code-dependent formulations, allowing the user to utilize it without having to redefine the basic parameters based on the conditions.


Ideal For


• ETABS software is used in civil engineering, Architectural, and Structural Engineering.
• Students of diploma certificate courses in these disciplines.
• Students with an interest to get an entry into the structural field.

Scope of ETABS Training Course


ETABS can assist one in swiftly and successfully converting their thoughts into product designs.


The ETABS Software course includes advanced structural analysis and design ideas, as well as modeling and reporting. Based on design codes, you will receive the essential exposure to design and analyze steel frames, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete shear walls, composite beams, and composite columns. ETABS software course training will be provided in the following critical skills:


• Modeling of building systems
• Property Description
• Loads and their combinations
• Design of an RC structure
• Design of a steel structure
• Analysis of static linear relationships
• Analysis of the response spectrum
• Push-over analysis
• Timeline analysis
• Documentation & Detailing


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