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AutoCAD Mechanical is a mechanical design software, created and promoted by Autodesk for manufacturing products for the acceleration of the mechanical CAD process in the AutoCAD environment. For many years, CADD Centre has provided the best AutoCAD Mechanical Course in Chennai and also offered many Mechanical CAD Course at the Vadapalani & Porur division.

AutoCAD Mechanical Course involves different courses, that incorporate industry-specific CAD software that is used by Mechanical Engineers for achieving fundamental tasks like 3D Modeling, Drafting, Designing, Prototyping, Performance, and Safety Analyzing.

Our AutoCAD Mechanical Training in Chennai is specially designed for mechanical engineers to equip themselves with technical knowledge, thereby increasing productivity and improving design quality.

About AutoCAD Mechanical?


AutoCAD Mechanical attracts the best of AutoCAD in the arrangement of industry-specific libraries of tools and parts, making it a must-learn skill for individuals who are engaged with the design and construction of machinery. AutoCAD Mechanical is the best CAD course for mechanical engineers which is utilized by a large number of experts who work within diverse industries, like project managers, architects, engineers, city organizers, and graphic designers among many others.



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AutoCAD Mechanical memberships can be bought on month-to-month, yearly, or 3-yearly terms and AutoCAD Mechanical is additionally accessible as a feature of the Autodesk Product Design Collection and part of AutoCAD with specialized toolsets.



Why learn AutoCAD Mechanical Course?


Mechanical CAD course is designed to lend substantial benefits to the students who are involved in mechanical CAD design. Being the great CAD software for mechanical engineering, the Mechanical CAD Course draws the best of AutoCAD in the alignment of industry-specific libraries of tools and parts, making it a must-learn for those who are involved in the design and construction of the machinery.

CADD Centre offers professional AutoCAD courses for mechanical engineers. The course is planned in such a way that students are prepared to get ready to be skilled and employable. The correct way of learning this powerful drafting tool is to attend AutoCAD Mechanical training at CADD Centre.


How does AutoCAD Mechanical enhance the mech sector?


Mechanical CAD plays a crucial role in enhancing the mechanical engineering sector in several ways. However, CAD-based mechanical course reveals a noticeable impact on the respective mechanical engineering sector through the different aspects.

  • Design Efficiency: Mechanical CAD allows the creation, modification, and calculation of mechanical models in 2D and 3D perspectives, as well as the technology that blends speed and accuracy before manufacturing starts. 
  • Simulation and Analysis: Mechanical CAD platforms bring together simulations and systems solutions an opportunity that enables the user to mechanically simulate the functions, power, and operations of the designs and thus save time and money for the mold production process in advance. 
  • Prototyping and Manufacturing: AutoCAD Mechanical software with its precise and detailed design information does a great job of gliding from the prototyping phase to the manufacturing phase of the product while cutting the costs and errors that might occur.
  • Integration with CAM: By CAD/CAM inclusion we can ensure the uninterrupted transition between technology design and manufacturing process. With the engineering software, engineers are now able to do CNC machining, 3D-print, and so on, very easily and quickly.
  • Innovation and Optimization: CAD tools are an instrument for engineers to discover, explore, and fine-tune designs to achieve cost, performance, and sustainability metrics. Such complex functions as parametric design, generative design, and topology optimization allow for the reiterative change of a design.


In the end, Mechanical CAD allows mechanical engineers to become leaders in the field of design productivity, design exploration and verification, team relationship building, testing and modeling, CAM and PLM connections as well as constant process improvement and integration. Our AutoCAD mechanical training in Chennai allows the candidates to obtain knowledge in the detailed design module of mechanical CAD.


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Importance of CAD-based mechanical course


AutoCAD mechanical courses qualify as must-take courses for prospecting engineers given the experience of using CAD software to draw up precise 2D or 3D mechanical machines. Our Mechanical engineering CAD courses enhance design productivity and generate more visually appealing modeling and simulation processes, effectively eradicate communication barriers among various teams, allow people to work on and integrate with the manufacturing processes, and finally, provide access to diverse job opportunities, especially in the fields of automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. 

AutoCAD Mechanical FEE:

To find out about our AutoCAD mechanical course fee, converse with our student advisor, or finish up our information request form, our student counselor will get you up within 24 hours and share the mechanical AutoCAD course details.


AutoCAD Mechanical Course Structure:


Our AutoCAD mechanical course incorporates the following training structure,
• Introduction to Drafting standard
• Multi-views
• Dimensioning and Tolerance
• Spring and casting drawing
• Machined Feature
• Advanced Drafting and Modifying Tool in AutoCAD


Placement After Completion OF AutoCAD Mechanical Course:


There are various professions open doors for students who are qualified with AutoCAD Mechanical Training given by CADD Centre. By completing the AutoCAD mechanical engineering course the candidates can work as AutoCAD Design Engineers, CAD Technicians, Project Engineers, and AutoCAD Draftsman in the fields of Interior Design, Civil, Furniture, and Architecture industries. Additionally, the candidates can take up contracts as freelancers in industries where AutoCAD is required.

With the CADD Centre association across the country and abroad, CADD Centre lands standard job position requirements which will be associated with candidates, and a part of our CADD Centre Course for mechanical is enabled with the placement-oriented training module. Our Course advisor will get you more information related to placement after completion of the AutoCAD Mechanical Course in Chennai. 

Benefits of our AutoCAD Mechanical Course:


Our CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur division is outfitted with the best infrastructure and training modules that are refreshed by industry pioneers consistently. Likewise, our Vadapalani branch is perceived as one of the best AutoCAD Mechanical training centres in Chennai by students who studied in our branch, our certified candidates are all around perceived in the industry and got placed in reputed organizations.

Our AutoCAD mechanical course benefits include below as follows,

  • We provide excellent teaching with an industry-specialized toolset.
  • We educate our students by giving a complete knowledge of how to make a blueprint of a project, and also to view it in virtual reality.
  • We teach how to deal with troubleshooting problems.

In this way, assuming that you are searching for the best AutoCAD mechanical training Centre to learn Mechanical CAD course in Chennai, the CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur branches will be the perfect place for you.