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BIM Course in Chennai

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A BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an important and innovative software for the process of designing and constructing buildings and structures. It is a collaborative approach that involves using digital 3D models to illustrate the physical and functional components of a building or construction. Our CADD Centre's BIM Course in Chennai (Vadapalani) covers the skills and knowledge needed to use the software in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

CADD Centre’s BIM Course in Chennai


We provide a comprehensive range of BIM course in chennai aimed at providing the latest skills and knowledge in this rapidly evolving field. Our Courses are:


     • Masters in BIM which includes AutoCAD Civil and Revit Architecture Courses

     • 5D BIM using Navisworks Software

     • BIM software courses like Revit Structure and Revit MEP

Other Courses

Product Design & Analysis

• 3D printing

• GD&T
• NX Nastran
• Autodesk Inventor

Architecture / Electrical/ Construction (AEC) Design & Analysis

AutoCAD Electrical
• AutoCAD for Civil / Architects
Revit Architecture

Staad Pro

• Max for engineers

Ansys Fluent
Ansys Workbench
• V-Ray

Project Management

• Primavera with PPM
• MSP with PPM Concepts

Information Technology

• Robotics Design
• IoT(Internet of Things)
• Ethical Hacking

• Python for Mechanical Engineers
• Programming for Engineers - C, C++
• Programming for Engineers – Java

• Data Science
• Web Designing
• Full Stack Development

BIM Course in Chennai

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We are familiar with the changes in the industrial landscape and job roles brought about by technologies like AI, IoT, machine learning, and other such disruptions because we work closely with more than 5000+ different industries across the board. We provide solutions for you whether you need to upskill or learn a new skill to realise your career aspirations.

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Introduction to BIM (Building Information Modelling)

Building Information Modelling, or BIM, is a revolutionary process that has transformed the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an advanced digital representation of a building's structural and functional characteristics that offers architects, engineers, and other stakeholders a comprehensive and collaborative platform.


BIM Course with Placement in Chennai


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a three-dimensional intelligence model that incorporates data and information about all parts of the project, from structural elements and systems to architectural elements. This approach allows for smoother communication, improved decision-making, and enhanced collaboration over a project's full lifecycle.

Why Learn BIM Course

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is transforming the construction industry, and learning this advanced technology can lead to exciting job opportunities and enhance your professional performance. Here are a few reasons why you should take a BIM course:


     • Industry Relevance: BIM is an essential component of modern architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) procedures, making proficiency in this technology highly relevant and in demand by companies.

     • Career Opportunities: BIM expertise is now required for many jobs in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, and completing the course opens up a various career opportunities.

     • Innovation in Work: BIM supports the integration of modern technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence, boosting innovation in the construction and design processes.

     • 3D Visualization: BIM creates realistic 3D models, allowing clients and stakeholders to inspect the final product before construction starts. This improves knowledge of the design and reduces the possibility of modifications during construction.


BIM Course will provide you with the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed in the construction industry. Enrolling in our Our BIM Course with placement in Chennai opens the door to amazing career possibilities and helps build a better tomorrow!

Benefits of Learning BIM Course

In the ever-changing AEC industry, BIM has become essential for success. Learning BIM provides professionals with higher productivity through improved collaboration, project visualization, and automation. Its main 3D model improves communication, reduces errors, and saves time and money. Additionally, early problem detection with BIM results in cost savings and specification-compliant developments. It has several advantages, including increased building performance, safety, sustainability, etc. For professionals in the AEC industry, investing in BIM training can result in projects that are more profitable, high-quality, and efficient.


Top BIM software training in Chennai

Eligibility to Learn BIM Course

The BIM course is eligible for the following:


     • Students who are pursuing or completed Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering.

     • Professionals who are working as Architects, MEP Designers, Civil Engineers, Sustainability Engineers etc.

     • Students and Employees who are interested in learning the BIM course.

Why Choose CADD Centre for the BIM Course in Chennai?

Here are some of the reasons why should choose our CADD Centre for the BIM training in Chennai:


     • Experienced and Qualified Instructors: Our centre has a team of professional and qualified BIM trainers who are dedicated to their work. They have extensive industry experience, and they are committed to providing the best education to the students.

     • Standardized Curriculum: The BIM software course curriculum is based on the latest industry standards. This means you will be receiving the skills and information necessary to succeed in the BIM profession.

     • Career Counselling: Known as one of the best BIM Training Institute in Chennai, we provide career counselling to its students to help them plan their career in BIM and also provides BIM course with placement assistance to students to help them get a job after course completion.

     • Hands-On-Learning: In the CADD Centre, we focus on hands-on learning through practical exercises and real-world projects. We offer access to a variety of software tools, including Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, and ArchiCAD, allowing students to work with multiple platforms and expand their knowledge.

     • Student Support: We provide dedicated student support by helping with technical issues, learning obstacles, and career guidance throughout the course.


Unlock your potential and prepare for a fulfilling career in the construction industry by choosing our CADD Centre for BIM course in Chennai.

BIM Course Fees

To know about our BIM course fees in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur, fill up the information request form, our student counsellor will contact you within a day.


Best BIM Course in Chennai

Job Opportunities and Placement Sessions for BIM Course

Completing a BIM course opens doors to various career paths in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Here are some of the specific opportunities you can pursue:


     • BIM Manager

     • BIM Engineer

     • BIM Modeller

     • BIM Designer

     • BIM Consultant

     • Revit Engineer

     • 5D BIM Specialist

     • BIM Trainer


Our goal is to provide the BIM course with placement assistance, job, and career development opportunities for our students throughout the course. Our CADD Centre Headquarters placement staff organizes placement drives, scholarship programs, etc. After completing the BIM software course at the CADD Centre, Chennai, students will receive a professional, globally recognized course completion certificate.


CADD Centre is a great option for first- and final-year students looking for their first job in an organization. We placed more than 42,000 of our trained students in companies across more than 40 nations. Our student counsellor will guide you through the courses and provide placement guidance. Please visit our website to view our list of placed students and get in touch with our student counsellor for further details on placement at the CADD Centre.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q: What is BIM, and why is it important in the construction industry?

A: Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of a building's or infrastructure's physical and functional characteristics. It is important to the construction industry because it encourages improved decision-making throughout the project lifecycle, improves project efficiency, and promotes collaboration.

Q: What skills will I gain from a BIM course?

A: Our BIM course would typically cover 3D modelling, collaborative project management, clash detection, data integration, the use of BIM software tools, etc.

Q: What are the career opportunities with BIM skills?

A: BIM skills are in high demand in many different construction industries. Some potential careers include BIM manager, BIM consultant, BIM technician, BIM coordinator, and BIM modeller.

Q: Do I get the BIM course with placement assistance while learning the course?

A: Yes, we offer placement assistance and career counselling throughout the BIM Course to help students choose their interested career and get placed in it.