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CADD Centre provides the best Unigraphics NX Training in Chennai with real-time expertise. We feel that learning Unigraphics NX through a combination of practical and theoretical lessons will be the most effective method to quickly grasp the technology. We designed this Unigraphics NX Training Course from the basic level to the advanced level. We do guide our participants for appropriate Certifications, which is a competitive edge in today's market.



Siemens NX CAD/CAM was previously known as UG or Unigraphics. It is a cutting-edge high-end CAD/CAM system. It competes directly with products such as SolidWorks, Creo, CATIA, and Autodesk Inventor. After integrating with other NX solutions, NX CAM provides NC programmers and manufacturing engineers with associative access to entire designing, drawing, and assembly capabilities in a single-component manufacturing environment.

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Why Learn Unigraphics Course in Chennai CADD Centre?


By learning NX CAD/CAM Unigraphics course in Chennai CADD Centre, it will help you to ace the associated features of NX CAD/CAM listed below,

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) 

• Solid parametric modeling (direct modeling & feature-based)
• Surface modeling in freeform (class A surfaces)
• Reverse Engineering
• Style Designing & Computer-Aided Industrial Designing

• Drafting/Drawing for Engineering
• PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information)
• Analytics and reporting, as well as verification and validation
• Reusing knowledge, including knowledge-based engineering

• Metal sheet design
• Assembly simulation and digital mockup
• Mechanical pipework routing

CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing)

• Programming in NC (Numerical Control) & Robotics

• Connectivity of the Solution

• Additive Manufacturing Hybrid

Features of Unigraphics NX Training in Chennai CADD Centre

Unigraphics NX Course Structure


The course structure for UG NX Training in Chennai CADD Centre is listed below,

• Introduction to NX CAD/CAM
• Manufacturing objects
• Wizards and shop documentation
• Geometry definition

• Tool selection
• Machining Types
• Mill Multi axis
• Multi-blade

• Manufacturing methods
• Planar profiling
• Contour profiling
• Z-level milling

Learning Outcomes of the NX Training Course

• Part Model will be prepared by the student.
• Students will understand Master Model ideas.
• The student will be able to model, assemble, and draft.

• High-speed and multi-axis machining programming
• Programming Automation will be available to students.
• The student will understand post-processing and simulation.

• Students will be able to do advanced programming starting with simple NC.

• Programming Productivity will be possible for the student.



Unigraphics NX Course Fees Structure


To discover more about our Unigraphics NX course fees, connect with our student advisor, or fill out our information request form, our student counselor will get to you within 24 hours.


Career Prospects / Job Opportunities


Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM is the most commonly used manufacturing software, with applications ranging from aviation to energy. Anyone who understands NX CAD/CAM can immediately seek jobs in positions such as:

• Machinist / Machine Operator
• Designers and Engineers in CAD
• Users of NX
• Engineers of Mechanical Systems

• Technicians
• Drafters
• Injection Mould Designers

• Instrumentation
• Tool Room
• Manufacturing Engineers

Placement After Unigraphics NX Training in Chennai CADD Centre


Our Goal is to provide our students with opportunities for employment and career advancement. We strive to improve students' employability in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). After completion of the NX Certification course at the CADD Centre, a professional globally recognized course completion certificate will be provided to the learners.


Cadd Centre is a great choice for freshers and final-year students looking for their first job in an organisation. we have trained about 42k plus students and got them placed in organisations across 40 plus countries. Kindly visit our Placed Students List on our website for more information on placement at CADD Centre.

Additional Information


NX CAM and NX CAD use application-specific, highly effective tools to help automate NC programming and reduce cycle times. The NX CAD Course and NX CAM course will show you how to use single CAM NX design course software to make better parts faster, from 2.5-axis machining and molding production to systemic 5-axis milling and huge manufacturing. After finishing the NX CAD course and NX CAM Course you will be able to model and device any component using NX CAD/CAM and Post Builder, as well as use NX CAM with any CNC machine.


NX CAD/CAM Overview




Sharpen your design process with the industry's most creative product development solution. NX CAD enables designers to get faster outcomes by using more virtual product models and fewer, more expensive actual prototypes. This robust and adaptable product development tool gets products to market "the first time."


NX CAD is an integrated solution that assists you in the development of revolutionary new products. NX streamlines and accelerates the product development process by utilizing cutting-edge design tools and technologies. CADD Centre provides the best NX CAD Course Training in Chennai for many years and gained trust among students and working professionals by providing NX CAD Certification after completing the NX Training Course in Chennai.


Benefits of NX CAD Training


• Design time is reduced by more than 30%.
• Increase team productivity by reusing resources.
• Work with data from other CAD systems without difficulty.
• Visual analytics can help you make better design decisions.




• In a single system, NX CAM provides extensive and integrated NC programming capabilities.
• This allows for the utilization of consistent 3D models, data, and processes to connect planning and shop floor operations with a digital thread.




Siemens PLM's NX CAM is a programming software machine CAD models. These softwares are used to generate NC operations on the machine tool that produces the actual workpiece. NX CAM, like machine tools, provides a number of machining methods, including roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.


Benefits of NX CAM Training


• In this "Siemens NX CAM Training" curriculum, you will experience a uniquely successful way with hands-on practice.
• This NX CAM course is intended for those who are new to NX as well as those working in any organization who have previously learned NX and simply want to brush up on the tools and operations so that they may utilize them in their projects right away.
• This NX CAM course introduces all of the NX CAM operations (milling and turning) in a step-by-step procedure, allowing you to properly comprehend the CAM.
• After completing this computer-based NX CAM training course, you will be completely competent in creating CNC programs for turning and milling.


Scope of Unigraphics NX Training in Chennai


This NX training Class is intended for persons who are unfamiliar with NX as well as employees of any firm who have previously grasped NX and need a brief refresher on the tools and processes that they can instantly apply to their projects. After completion of the NX design course, you will be able to,


• Generate G code for Multi-Axis Milling, Planar, Contour, Hole Making, Turning, and Wire EDM operations.
• Understand the CAM concept and the most frequently used Siemens NX operations by acting on any version of any part.
• Workpieces for any difficult item can be generated using the NX CAM methods shown in Examples and Exercises.
• For them, they build toolpaths and CNC programming.


Some of the other top CADD Centre's software courses that are grabbing attractions in the major engineering industries are- AutoCAD, Revit, ANSYS CFD, Inventor, and Workbench. Thus, CADD software's ruling the industries all over the world and also standing as one of the best software training institutes in Chennai which has acquired dramatic changes in many firms via mechanizing the course of the development life cycle for a product.