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Tekla is a strong structural design and construction software tool. Users can use the software to make precise and detailed models of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Tekla is a great tool for engineers, architects, and contractors to efficiently plan and manage projects. For many years, CADD Centre Vadapalani gains the trust of students and professionals offering the best Tekla course in Chennai.



Tekla course in Chennai



For anyone wishing to broaden their skill set and develop their career in structural design and construction, a Tekla course can be a good investment. Before choosing to learn a Tekla course in Chennai, it is important to know the fundamental aspects of a Tekla course, as well as its benefits and how to select the best course. We are here to help you to achieve your dream career on Tekla. Enrol now!

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Why CADD Centre for Tekla Training in Chennai?


As Asia's biggest network of CAD Training Centre in Chennai. We provide CAD Training with Job Placement to assist students in adding value to their careers by providing globally recognized training and certifications. We include the most in-demand courses for everyone - designer, drafter, administrator, or programmer.  As a result, it is essential to take the Tekla software course in Chennai CADD Training Centre.


Tekla is a building information modelling (BIM) programme that allows users to construct accurate 3D building models. In the construction business, the programme is commonly used to develop models for structural steel, precast concrete, and other building materials. Tekla is also utilised in construction project management, from planning and design to fabrication and completion.


Learners with Tekla training in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions have a variety of job options, including Tekla modeller, Tekla API developer, Tekla BIM Engineer, Tekla detailer, and more.

Why learn Tekla Course in Chennai?


Tekla provides us with very stable and constructible BIM software. Tekla incorporates more features and data into structural BIM, which aids in the clear understanding of our design at each stage. Tekla facilitates working with any content, improves teamwork, and improves decision-making.


Regardless of the size of the project, Tekla can help you improve the construction business, overcome obstacles, and achieve exceptional outcomes. Tekla is the software that is propelling the BIM revolution. It provides users with a competitive advantage in terms of digital construction workflows. Choosing CADD Centre is the best choice for learning the Tekla software courses in Chennai.


Essential Features of the Tekla Course


Tekla Structures is a construction software that is used for steel and concrete details, as well as precast and cast models. Tekla helps users to manage and develop 3D structural models in steel or concrete from concept to manufacturing. The process of creating shop drawings is automated. It is available in a variety of setups and situations.


Tekla Structures is noted for its ability to accommodate big models with several concurrent users, but it is also known for being quite expensive, difficult to master and fully utilize. It competes with AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, DProfiler and Digital Project, Lucas Bridge, PERICad, and others in the BIM market. Learn Tekla Structures Training in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions for great career growth. Tekla Structures complies with the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC). A Tekla course should cover the essential features of the software, including the following:


Creating 3D models: A Tekla course should educate learners on how to utilise the programme to produce accurate 3D models of structures.


Structural steel design: Tekla is commonly used for structural steel design, hence a course should teach students how to utilise the programme to build steel structures.


Precast concrete design: Tekla is also utilised in precast concrete design, so a course should teach how to use the software for this purpose.


Project management: A Tekla course should include instructions on how to utilise the software for project management, such as planning, scheduling, and tracking progress.


Collaboration: Because Tekla is designed for collaboration, a course should include how to collaborate on projects with others using the programme.

Benefits of the Tekla Structures Course


Tekla allows structural drafters and engineers to use 3D modelling to design a building structure and its components, generate 2D drawings, and access building information. Engineers may seamlessly combine design and analysis with a single robust, user-friendly single-model-based method that incorporates various construction materials such as steel, concrete, wood, and glass. Taking a Tekla Structures training in Chennai has various advantages, including the following:


Career advancement: Learning Tekla will help you enhance your career in the structural design and construction business. For structural design and project management positions, many employers require Tekla experience.


Improved efficiency: Tekla can help you operate more efficiently by developing accurate 3D models and effectively managing projects.


Cost savings: Tekla can assist reduce material waste and construction errors, which can result in project cost savings.


Improved cooperation: Because Tekla is created for collaboration, understanding how to use it might help you work more effectively with others on projects.


CADD Centre Vadapalani have been the best Tekla training institute in Chennai which offers Tekla courses and other in-demand CAD courses for both students and working professionals.

Course Curriculum of Tekla training in Chennai at CADD Centre


• Introduction
• Tekla user Interface
• Steel Modeling
• Modifying Parts
• Filters, Cuts & Fits
• Points, Bolts & Welds
• Types of Welds
• Connections & Detailed Connection
• Macro Connection
• Numbering, Drawings, and Detailing
• Reports and Concrete Modeling

Tekla Structures training in Chennai

Choosing the Right Tekla Course in Chennai


When selecting a Tekla course, there are various aspects to consider, including the following:


Course content: Make sure the training covers all of the essential Tekla elements, such as 3D modelling, structural steel and precast concrete design, project management, and collaboration.


Instructor experience: Look for a course given by an experienced instructor who has a background in structural design and construction.


Course format: Consider the course structure, such as whether it is online or in-person, and whether it includes hands-on practice with the programme.


Course length: Think about how long the course is and whether it matches your schedule and learning objectives.



Tekla course fees in Chennai


To learn more about our Tekla course fees in Chennai, speak with our student counsellor, or fill out our information request form, we will contact you within 24 hours.

Placement After Completion of Tekla course in Chennai

Our objective is to give employment and career progression opportunities to our students. To increase students' employability, we collaborate with the National Skill Development Corporation. (NSDC). Learners who complete the Tekla software training in Chennai at the CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions will receive a professional, globally accepted certificate of completion.


Cadd Centre Vadapalani and Porur divisions are excellent options for first- and final-year students looking for their first employment in a company. Approximately 42,000 students have been taught and put in companies in over 40 countries. For additional information on placement at CADD Centre, please see our Placed Students List on our website.

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