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The Body in White (BIW) course is a specialist training programme that focuses on the automotive industry's production methods and techniques used to construct the body shell of an automobile. The phrase "Body in White" refers to the point in the manufacturing process when the car body is finished and ready for paint and trim. You can learn BIW training course in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions.





The BIW course covers a variety of topics, including steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre composites, which are used in automotive body building. It also discusses the numerous manufacturing procedures used to create the body shell, such as stamping, welding, and bonding. The course is aimed at providing students with hands-on experience with BIW production processes such as sheet metal and welding equipment. Students will also study the car manufacturing industry's safety protocols, quality control methods, and environmental concerns.

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About BIW


Body in white (BIW) is the stage in automobile manufacturing where the frame of a car has been linked together, prior to painting and before the motor, and chassis sub-assemblies have been incorporated into the framework. In this usage, "white" refers to the colour of the unpainted metal body panels. The BIW stage is critical since it establishes the basis for the vehicle's overall strength and rigidity, as well as allows for the perfect fitting of components such as doors, windows, and the engine.


When the BIW stage is finished, the car is sent to the assembly line, where other components such as the engine, transmission, wheels, and interior are fitted. During final assembly, the vehicle is subjected to a battery of testing and inspections before being transported to dealerships for sale.



Why CADD Centre for BIW Course in Chennai


After completion of the BIW course in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions, learners like BIW designers/engineers have several career prospects in the automobile industry's design and R&D departments of Original Equipment Manufacturers, design houses, and tier-one suppliers. Technology companies that provide engineering and design services, Product Lifecycle Management, and factory automation solutions to vehicle manufacturers also hire them.


BIW engineers are employed by all Major India OEM R&D, Tier 1 Sheet metal suppliers, and Automotive Design Engineering Services organisations. LinkedIn has over 200 BIW job vacancies from major OEMs and other organisations. As vehicle manufacturers continue to explore ways to increase the efficiency and quality of their manufacturing processes, there is a significant demand in learning BIW design courses for professional workers in this industry.

Benefits of the BIW Design Course


BIW will assist you in becoming a skilled automobile design engineer. To streamline your design operations, you will master sophisticated design approaches and industry-grade software. This course will teach you the fundamentals of metal sheet design in vehicle engineering.


The BIW course focuses on both fundamental and advanced ideas. Other automotive design subjects covered in the programme include hood design, metal sheet design, and mould design.


Who can take this BIW course?


• Mechanical Engineers
• CAD professional
• Automobile Designers
• Students pursuing graduation or post-graduation in mechanical engineering or automotive engineering
• Production Engineers


BIW course fees in Chennai


To learn more about our BIW design course fees, speak with our student counsellor, or fill out our information request form, we will contact you within 24 hours.


Learning Outcomes of the BIW course


• The basic concepts of BIW & BIW structures
• The OEM Nomenclature of BIW system
• What are the BIW's Various Joining Processes, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes?
• Understanding the role of Body structures and their applications
• Practice what is learned through provoking exercises with multiple problem sets in the Practice section
• Learn from a seasoned design engineer

Placement After Completion of BIW course in CADD Centre

Our mission is to provide our students with employment and career advancement options. We partner with the National Skill Development Corporation to boost students' employability (NSDC). Learners who complete the BIW design courses at the CADD Centre will obtain a professional, globally recognised course completion certificate.


Cadd Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions are a fantastic choice for first- and final-year students looking for their first job in an organisation. Around 42k students have been trained and placed in organisations in over 40 countries. Please view our Placed Students List on our website for more information on placement at CADD Centre.

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