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For many years, the CADD centre has provided the best electrical CAD training in Chennai at the Vadapalani & Porur division. Our electrical CAD software course aims to provide electrical engineers with the technical knowledge they need to improve design quality and productivity in any project.


With our thorough and industry-aligned electrical CAD training in Chennai, you can develop your electrical engineering career. Our electrical design courses give you the software expertise and design proficiency you need to succeed in the modern electrical environment. With our training programs, you could become an expert in the unique features of leading electrical CAD software, improve the efficiency of your designs, and advance your career possibilities.

About Electrical CAD Training in Chennai


Electrical CAD design involves different courses, which incorporate industry-explicit CAD software that is involved by electrical engineers for achieving starter tasks like making electrical and electronic diagrams, control circuit diagrams, schematics, and documentation. Using CAD Electrical design software, anyone can easily place electrical symbols and connect wires, numbering the symbols, wires, and label components.


Best Electrical CAD Training in Chennai


CAD For Electrical Engineering


Electrical engineering is the discipline that manages the designing, maintaining, and developing of electrical systems in this way applying the ideas of electrical, electromagnetism, and electronics. It is the mother of different engineering studies like power engineering, hardware, digital PCs, broadcast communications, control systems, signal handling, radio-recurrence engineering, instrumentation, and microelectronics. CAD software is considered an essential tool for electrical engineers.


About the Electrical CAD Course


The most common electrical design course is AutoCAD and some of the AutoCAD electrical courses that most students should consider learning are electrical design courses, electrical wiring, power engineering, power system protection, electrical transformers, etc. CADD Centre Vadapalani gains the trust of students by offering the best electrical design course in Chennai.

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Why learn an Electrical Design Course?


Engineers with Electrical CAD design abilities are qualified to get work in an extensive variety of engineering industries like aerospace, industries, automotive industries, chemical industries, construction industries, defence, electronics industries, consumer goods industries, marine, materials and metals industries, oil and gas industries, pharmaceuticals, power generation industries, telecom industries, and more. Here’s why to learn the electrical design course:

     • Proficiency in Design

     • Enhance efficiency and accuracy

     • Unlock your career growth

     • Streamlined Manufacturing


Why Choose Our CADD Centre for Electrical CAD Training in Chennai?


We, CADD Centre gain the trust of students and professionals by offering the best electrical CAD course in Chennai.


     • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum is always changing to take advantage of the newest developments in electrical CAD software and market trends, helping us stay ahead of the curve. Train in our advanced, fully equipped labs using the latest, industry-standard hardware and software.


     • Experienced Trainers: Our trainers are experienced professionals with plenty of practical electrical design knowledge. Their thorough understanding comes into extremely useful electrical design courses that give you skills relevant to the workplace.


    • Placement Assistance: Apart from the training, we actively help in your job search by offering dedicated career counselling and placement assistance.


     • Practical Knowledge: Our electrical CAD training in Chennai includes practical projects that test and enhance your skills while developing a strong portfolio. These assignments build your confidence in taking on real-world design challenges and show your expertise to potential employers.


Some of the other CAD software courses for electrical engineers offered by the CADD Centre are AutoCAD Electrical and Revit MEP.


Our Electrical CAD Course Benefits


Some of the benefits of our electrical CAD course are,


     • Manual tasks like creating control system designs are automated

     • Error reduction

     • Manually track design information

     • Error-checking capabilities

     • Incorporate 2D and 3D electrical control designs quickly and easily

     • Share designs easily throughout all AutoCAD products

     • Save time generating reports by using the reporting tool

     • Provide accurate information to manufacturers

     • Organize and find data easily

     • Reuse designs

     • Manage work and process design data with ease


Placement After Completion of Electrical CAD Course 


Our goal is to provide the electrical CAD training in Chennai with placement assistance, job, and career development opportunities for our students throughout the course. Our CADD Centre Headquarters placement staff organizes placement drives, scholarship programs, etc. After completing the electrical design course at the CADD Centre, Chennai, students will receive a professional, globally recognized course completion certificate.

Electrical CAD Course Fees 


To learn about our electrical CAD course fees details, speak with our student counsellor, or fill up our information request form, our student counsellor will get you up within a day.


Electrical CAD Course Structure


Our Electrical CAD Course incorporates the following training structure,


     • 2D Sketch

     • Component Attributes

     • PLC Layout

     • Wiring Tools

     • Panel Layout

     • Terminals

     • Work Sharing

     • Family Creation

     • HVAC Cooling and Heating Load Analysis

     • Lightning

     • Plumbing

     • Equipment Arrangements

     • Pipe Work

     • Structure Beams and Columns


CADD Centre is a great option for first- and final-year students looking for their first job in an organization. We placed more than 42,000 of our trained students in companies across more than 40 nations. Our student counsellor will guide you through the courses and provide placement guidance. Please visit our website to view our list of placed students and get in touch with our student counsellor for further details on placement at the CADD Centre.