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Slab analysis by finite element method is a computational approach for analysing the behaviour of slabs under varied loading circumstances. The slab is divided into a limited number of smaller components in this procedure, and the behaviour of each element is determined numerically. Learn Slab Analysis by finite element method course training in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur divisions.



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The Computer and Structures, Inc.'s Slab Analysis by Finite Element Method (SAFE) is the greatest tool for planning concrete slabs and foundations. Secure facilitates the creation of secure structures by giving powerful tools such as drawing, analysing, designing, and detailing.

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Introduction To Finite Element Method


The finite element method (FEM) is a popular tool for analysing and solving challenging problems in engineering. It is a numerical method that breaks a complicated structure into smaller pieces and uses mathematical equations to compute the behaviour of each unit. The method is based on the virtual work concept, which holds that the work performed by external loads on a structure is equal to the work performed by internal tensions within the structure.


The slab is first modelled using specialized software such as ANSYS, SAP2000, or ETABS before doing a slab analysis using the finite element method. A finite number of triangular or quadrilateral elements make up the slab. The number and size of the elements are controlled by the intricacy of the slab and the amount of accuracy required.


Finite Element Method


The stiffness matrix of each element is calculated once the slab has been discretized into elements. The stiffness matrix is a mathematical depiction of an element's behaviour under loading. The stiffness matrix is then combined to form a global stiffness matrix, which captures the overall behaviour of the slab.


The benefit of using the finite element method for slab analysis is that it allows engineers to analyse complicated slab structures that are difficult to analyse using standard approaches. The Finite Element Method also enables engineers to optimize slab design by comparing various design possibilities and selecting the one that gives the best performance and safety. You have now got an idea about FEM in this introduction to finite element method topic.

Benefits of Slab Analysis Finite Element Method Course


Finite element analysis course is used in structural design and material science to determine the behavioural characteristics and strength of materials under various conditions such as vibration, heat, and stress.

Laying out models is a quick and efficient way with user-friendly drawing tools.

Users can import AutoCAD model layouts or loading conditions from another program.

Taking Slab Analysis by finite element method course can provide you with a valuable set of skills that are highly sought after in the engineering industry, and can help you advance your career in this field.


Who can take this Slab Analysis by Finite Element Method Course?


Structural Engineers
Geo-Tech Engineers
Civil Engineers


Learning Outcomes of the SAFE Course


Introduction, defining material, Defining Sections, and Defining Soil Properties (Soil Subgrade Modulus).
Designing of Isolated footing.
Combined footing in Detail.
Slab analysis, design, and Detailing (with or without drop panels), Cantilever Slab.
piles foundation (Pile Cap design).
Base Plate Design (Axial + Bi-axial) with RAM Connection.
Beams design.
Raft Foundation design.
Mat foundation design.
Concrete Slab Short-term and Long-term Deflection.


SAFE Course Fee Structure


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Placement After Completion of SAFE Course at CADD Centre


Our objective is to provide job and career progression opportunities to our students. To increase students' employability, we collaborate with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Learners who finish the Slab Analysis by Finite Element method course at the CADD Centre will receive a professional, globally accepted finite element analysis certification of completion.


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