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Mechanical CAD Courses in Chennai


Our CADD Centre provides comprehensive mechanical CAD courses in Chennai that are designed to transform your innovative ideas into tangible reality. Our specialized mechanical engineering design courses give students the software knowledge and market skills that employers are looking for in the modern workplace. Learn the skills of 3D modeling, drafting, and assembly to bring your mechanical designs to life by entering into industry-standard software like AutoCAD Mechanical, SolidWorks, CATIA, etc.


Mechanical CAD includes a variety of courses that include industry-specific CAD software for Mechanical Engineers to do fundamental tasks such as 3D molding, designing, drafting, prototyping, performance, and safety analysis. Our mechanical engineering design courses will help you to succeed in any project you work on.

About Mechanical CAD


Mechanical CAD (MCAD), also known as mechanical design automation (MDA), this software empowers mechanical engineers to make product designs with precise and detailed technical specialized drawings (2D or 3D models), and details for designing, manufacturing, and engineering. A mechanical CAD course could be helpful for you if you like being creative, making things using computers, and like to solve complex problems.


mechanical CAD courses in Chennai


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the field that deals with analyzing, designing, maintaining, and manufacturing mechanical frameworks by applying the standards of engineering and physical science. Mechanical designing jobs focus on making innovations to meet a large number of human necessities. It is the foundation of all engineering studies like automotive, aerospace, marine, production, mechatronics engineering, robotics, and thermal engineering.


Role of Mechanical Engineers


Mechanical engineers act as the connection between illusion and reality. They turn creative concepts into real things, such as the complicated gears that run our machinery and the beautiful bridges that connect communities. Mechanical engineer's work affects all aspects of our lives, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

But mechanical engineers' roles go far beyond simply making things. They address problems and look for ways to increase productivity, sustainability, and protection constantly. They are innovators, pushing the boundaries of technology to create cleaner energy sources, more efficient transportation systems, and even robotic limbs that restore mobility.

About Mechanical CAD Course


The most common Mechanical Engineering CAD Courses are AutoCAD Mechanical, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, and much more like SolidWorks, and Unigraphics. There are many CAD Courses for mechanical engineering students to learn and shine. All right, why do mechanical students consider learning mechanical CAD courses?  Let's discuss that in the following page.


Why learn a Mechanical CAD Course? 


Mechanical engineering design courses develop as the bridge between conception and creation in mechanical engineering, where creativity meets perfectionism. Gaining proficiency in mechanical CAD is now an essential skill for shaping trends in the industry. Mastering the skill of the best CAD software for mechanical engineers offers a key to a world of creativity, precision, and efficiency.

Students who complete mechanical CAD Training thereby expertise with CAD skills, can track down employment and increase productivity. Also, it improves spatial reasoning and creative problem-solving abilities and enhances effectiveness. Upon completion of the CAD design courses for mechanical engineering, students have various job opportunities in this constantly evolving world.


Why Learn Mechanical CAD Courses at CADD Centre Chennai?


CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur Divisions are the most trusted CAD training Centre among students, offering the best Mechanical CAD Courses in Chennai. We give you the reasons why to chose us for the design courses for mechanical engineering in Chennai:


  • Industry Standard Curriculum: Our courses are designed by experienced professionals, and provide you with the most popular mechanical CAD skills, such as AutoCAD Mechanical, SolidWorks, and CATIA. Prepare yourself for real-world engineering issues by being comfortable in your ability to master 3D modeling, drawing, and assembly.
  • Expert guidance: Gain knowledge from experienced instructors who are dedicated to developing the next generation of design leaders in addition to being software experts. Their personalized approach guarantees that you get the assistance and guidance you need to succeed.
  • Project-Based Learning: Our project-based curriculum takes you into real-world situations, pushing you to solve real-world challenges with your newly acquired knowledge and develop a strong portfolio that showcases your design experience.
  • Career-focused approach: We educate you for success, not just teach you software. Our career counseling services help you develop a solid professional portfolio, connect with industry experts, and find your dream job in mechanical engineering.


We help students add value to their careers with globally recognized training and certifications. Hence, it's very essential to do Courses at the best mechanical design institute in Chennai. We at the CADD Centre train the students with the best and in-demand Mechanical Engineering Design courses that will help them gain knowledge in the design field. 

List of Design courses for Mechanical Engineering


The following is the mechanical design courses list for mechanical engineers and aspiring mechanical engineering students:


  3. CREO
  4. CATIA
  5. NX CAD


  1. NX CAM



As of now, the top mechanical design engineer courses that are highly used for mechanical designing are 3D printing, AutoCAD Mechanical, CATIA, SolidWorks Motion, Creo, Ansys, NX Nastran, and SolidWorks course for mechanical engineers.

Mechanical CAD Course Fees


 To discover more about our mechanical CAD course fees at CADD Centre Porur and Vadapalani, contact our student counselor or get through our information request form, and our student counselor will contact you within a single day.


Mechanical CAD Course Structure


Our mechanical CAD course incorporates the following training structure,


  • 2D Sketch
  • 3D Part Modelling
  • Assembly Modelling
  • Sheetmetal Design
  • Surface Design
  • Drafting
  • Kinematics
  • Simulation
  • Mathematical Calculation on Analysis
  • Deriving Equations
  • Meshing Techniques
  • Nodes & Elements
  • Material Application

Career Options after Mechanical Engineering Design Courses


Mechanical engineering CAD courses and CAD CAM courses for mechanical engineering are founded with the intent of initiating the trainees to become experienced engineers and advanced professionals in a way that CAD-type software can be used perfectly for creating precise and quick 2D mechanical engineering drawing and 3D mechanical CAD models of mechanical components and systems. There are several career options after mechanical engineering design courses. Here are the various career opportunities:


  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Biomechanical Engineer, etc


Placement After Completion of Mechanical CAD Design Courses


Our goal is to provide the mechanical design courses with placement assistance, job, and career development opportunities for our students throughout the course. Our CADD Centre Headquarters placement staff organizes placement drives, scholarship programs, etc. Students will receive a professional, globally recognized course completion certificate after completing the mechanical engineering design courses at the CADD Centre, Chennai.


Our Mechanical CAD Course Benefits


Mechanical CAD software is used in almost every industrial sector, be it automobile, machining, or any other. The mechanical design software makes sure that contemplated designs are translated into real-time workable models. Some of our notable mechanical CAD course benefits are,


  • Improvement in the Quality Design
  • Increase the Productivity of the Designers
  • Maintains Compatibility
  • Better Visualization
  • Create Accurate Design Representations


CADD Centre Porur and Vadapalani is a great option for first- and final-year students looking for their first job in an organization. We placed more than 42,000 of our trained students in companies across more than 40 nations. Our student counselor will guide you through the courses and provide details regarding mechanical design courses with placement guidance. Please visit our website to view our list of placed students and get in touch with our student counselor for further details on placement at the CADD Centre.




Q: How this course will help mechanical engineers in career building?

A: By studying the mechanical CAD course, mechanical engineers get the necessary skills by applying to the design and analysis of mechanical parts, which contributes to the employment of people and allows them to master a career.


Q: Will the CADD Centre offer placement assistance after course completion?

A: Yes, the CADD Centre certainly offers placements after the end of courses to students, guiding them towards employers and ensuring that they are placed accordingly in an industrial context.

Q: Is this a certification course?

A: Yes, after the completion of the course, our CADD Centre at Porur and Vadapalani provides a certificate that notifies the candidate has completed the Mechanical CAD course. 


Q: Will the classes be available to attend on weekends?

A: Yes, at CADD, the classes are conducted with flexible timings so that students, working professionals, and freelancers everyone can attend without any difficulties.