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Institute of Industrial Design in Chennai

CADD Centre's Institute of Industrial Design Chennai is one of India's major engineering design training institutes.  At CADD Centre, we recognise the relevance of technical competence and skill set in adapting to new technological challenges, and we recognise the benefits of investing in professional skill growth.


The design outsourcing industry was expanding rapidly, but a skilled labour shortage was impeding India's expansion in this sector. CADD Centre, as the Skill Leader, took on the role of bridging this talent gap by launching IID Courses. Our IID courses help to provide industry-specific, domain-specific training on essential engineering skills.

IID Courses at CADD Centre


CADD Centre's IID courses cover a wide range of topics, such as design concepts, modelling, sketching, styling, SAFE and BIW. The hands-on training that students receive is one of the primary benefits of taking IID courses at the CADD Centre. The institute features cutting-edge facilities and tools that enable students to obtain hands-on experience creating and modelling interior environments.


CADD Centre offers a range of IID courses, including:

• Automobile Design


Automobile design is a fascinating and interesting industry that combines engineering, creativity, and innovation to create the vehicles we use on a daily basis. Automotive design is the art and science of creating and improving the aesthetics, usefulness, and performance of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, and other forms of transportation. The needs of the driver and passengers must be balanced with the technological criteria required to construct a safe, efficient, and high-performance vehicle. Read More...


• Infrastructure Design


The process of planning, creating, and implementing physical and virtual infrastructure to support the efficient and successful functioning of an organization's business processes is referred to as infrastructure design. This can range from creating data centres, constructing networks, and installing cloud-based systems to establishing power and cooling systems, selecting appropriate hardware and software, and assuring security and compliance. Read More...


• Industrial Design


Industrial design is a branch of design that focuses on developing useful and aesthetically acceptable mass-production products. The purpose of industrial design is to improve the user experience by developing goods that are simple to use, long-lasting, and visually appealing.

Industrial designers work on a wide range of products, including consumer goods such as electronics and furniture, as well as transportation and industrial equipment. They frequently collaborate with engineers, marketers, and other experts to ensure that the finished product satisfies the market and consumer needs. Read More...


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Placement After Completion of IID Courses at CADD Centre


Our objective is to provide our students with employment and career progression options. In collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), we work to improve students' employability. Learners will receive a professional globally recognised course completion certificate upon completion of our IID courses at the CADD Centre.


Cadd Centre is an excellent option for first-year and final-year students seeking their first employment in an organisation. We have trained over 42k students and put them in organisations in over 40 countries. For additional information on placement at CADD Centre, please see our Placed Students List on our website.