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RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a fast-emerging field that allows businesses to automate repetitive and tedious processes. Chennai, a booming southern Indian city, has a thriving IT industry and various RPA training institutes. CADD Centre Vadapalani is one among them, which offers the finest (RPA) Robotic Process Automation Training in Chennai.





RPA is the process of developing and deploying software robots that replicate human behavior in order to assist humans with manual activities. CADD training Centre in Chennai has thoroughly designed the RPA course syllabus based on industry techniques and approaches to assist applicants in learning and building these software robots.

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Why Robotic Process Automation Course in Chennai from CADD Centre?


Today, RPA is driving new efficiencies and liberating employees from repetitive tedium across a wide range of industries and procedures. Learning Robotic Process Automation Course in Chennai CADD Centre has numerous reasons that can be more beneficial. Here are some of the key reasons:


Experienced Training: CADD Centre has professional trainers who are RPA training experts. They can equip you with the necessary in-depth information and practical abilities to thrive in this industry.


Curriculum that is Industry-Relevant: The RPA course at CADD Centre is created with current industry needs and requirements in mind. The curriculum includes all of the necessary concepts and skills for a successful RPA career.


Hands-on Training: CADD Centre gives its students hands-on instruction, which is vital in the field of RPA. The practical experience students learn during the RPA course will be useful in real-life scenarios.


RPA Training and Certification: Upon completion of the RPA course at CADD Centre, you will be awarded a certificate that will enhance your resume and raise your chances of being employed by top employers.


Placement Assistance: The CADD Centre Vadapalani offers its students placement assistance. They have tie-ups with a variety of firms and can assist you in finding suitable employment in the field of RPA.


Features of RPA Training in Chennai CADD Centre

Benefits of Learning Robotic Automation Course


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that enables businesses to use software robots to automate repetitive, rule-based processes. Learning an RPA course can provide numerous benefits, including:


Improved Efficiency: RPA can automate repetitive and time-consuming processes, allowing employees to concentrate on more valuable roles.


Cost Savings: By automating tasks with RPA, businesses can eliminate the need for manual work, resulting in cost savings.


Increased Accuracy: RPA can perform tasks with great accuracy, lowering the possibility of errors.


Faster Processing Times: RPA can accomplish tasks much faster than humans, resulting in faster processing times.


Scalability: RPA can be scaled up or down based on the needs of the business, making it a versatile solution for task automation.


Overall, mastering RPA can give various advantages to firms wishing to automate their processes, boost efficiency, and cut expenses. Ready to start an RPA career, enroll now for RPA classes from CADD Centre Vadapalani for the best RPA training in Chennai.

Career Prospects / Job Roles 


In the coming days, the scope of RPA will be vast as many firms begin to embrace RPA technology to boost their profitability and income. Those who complete the RPA course are also provided a variety of work opportunities. The common job profiles that are offered in an organisation upon completion of the RPA Training in Chennai CADD Centre are listed below.

• RPA Developer
• Project Manager

• Business Analyst
• Automation Architect

• Solution Consultant
• Process Designer

Course Curriculum of Robotic Process Automation Training


Our RPA Training in Chennai CADD Centre course curriculum is listed below,

• About Arduino Board and Programming concepts
• Interfacing LED with Arduino
• Pull up and Pull down concept using Arduino
• Types of Sensors & Principles
• Interfacing different types of sensors with Arduino and LED
• Communication and types of communication medium
• Fundamentals of RFID, working and principles
• Integrating multiple buttons using matrix formation, Input, and output definition to control multiple buttons using Arduino
• Types of motors and their working, DC motor, Servo motor, Stepper motor
• Wireless module, interfacing wireless module with Arduino, Fundamentals of sensor deployment
• Projects for extensive learning of each concept

RPA Certification Courses

CADD Centre Certification is recognized by all major global leading corporations. We provide after completion of the RPA training and certification course theoretical and practical sessions to learners. It boosts the value of your resume, and with the aid of this certification, you can obtain prominent job positions in the world's major MNCs. Only after successfully completing our training and practical assignments do we issue certification.


Obtaining an RPA Certification from CADD Centre will undoubtedly help you advance in your professional career. Getting RPA training in Chennai at the CADD training institute and obtaining a Global RPA certification will be a valuable tool that most employers value.

RPA Course fees in CADD Centre


To inquire about the specifics of our RPA course fees in Chennai, you can either consult with our student counsellor or complete our information request form. Our student counsellor will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Placement After Completion of RPA Training in Chennai

Our goal is to provide employment and career progression opportunities for our students. To improve students' employability, we work with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Learners who finish the Robotic Automation Course at CADD Centre Vadapalani and CADD Centre Porur will receive a professional, globally recognised course completion certificate.


Cadd Centre is an excellent choice for first- and final-year students seeking their first job in an organisation. Approximately 42k students have received training and have been placed in organisations in over 40 countries. For additional information on placement at CADD Centre, please see our Placed Students List on our website.

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