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AutoCAD Course Training


The most popular choice that offers students something unique and helps them compete in the job market is the AutoCAD Course. AutoCAD Training course at CADD Centre gains the trust of the students and graduates by offering the best AutoCAD training in Chennai at Vadapalani & Porur divisions. Our special and unique course structure allows students to acquire technical knowledge, increasing productivity and enhancing design quality.


CADD Centre being the best AutoCAD training Institute in Chennai for many years and also offers many AutoCAD training courses for mechanical and civil engineering students and professionals.

What is AutoCAD?


You've probably heard of AutoCAD if you've ever been exposed to or considered working in the design industry. But what is it exactly? AutoCAD is a variety of different design techniques that use the computer-aided drafting program. Its primary use is drafting with electronic replicas of traditional drafting tools. Digital precision's additional support is beneficial for measurements, calculations, 3D components, and data sharing.



Why Learn AutoCAD Course?


Users of AutoCAD, the industry-standard CAD and drafting program, can create, edit, and collaborate using the desktop, web, and mobile platforms. You can create accurate AutoCAD 2D drawings and AutoCAD 3D drawings & models, electrical schematics, construction plans, interior designs, and more by utilizing the AutoCAD course.

AutoCAD learning course is flexible with many tools and features tailored to particular industries. Its numerous automation and customization features facilitate the design process. For professionals in a variety of fields, such as interior design, project management, machining, manufacturing, architectural design, and engineering, the AutoCAD course is a well-liked and essential course to learn which helps them compete in today's job market.


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AutoCAD 2D & 3D Overview


AutoCAD 2D Drawing Course


Among all popular design creation tools, AutoCAD is the most well-known Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software program. Using CAD, professionals can define structures or even other objects without physically sketching out their designs.

The major goal of this AutoCAD 2D design course is to teach the students the fundamentals needed to generate excellent AutoCAD 2D drawings, plans, and drafting using 2D drafting software. Indeed, this course's easy-to-understand design, allows even students with no prior CAD experience to progress quickly. Students will learn all CAD essentials as well as AutoCAD 2D drawing skills.


AutoCAD 3D Drawing Course


The well-known computer-aided design (CAD) program AutoCAD 3D design is used to create projects that aid experts in the design of AutoCAD 3D drawings, structures, and architectural models.

The major objective of this AutoCAD 3D course is to teach the students the fundamental knowledge necessary for creating three-dimensional models in various sectors. The ability to convert 2D drawings into 3D drawings as well as all the CAD essentials will be taught to learners.


Why Learn AutoCAD 2D and 3D Courses?


Making amazing plans and speeding documentation work with profitable tools is possible with AutoCAD 2D and 3D courses. It features a variety of built-in tools to assist professionals, planners, or designers with certain tasks.

Clients, professionals, and designers all agree that AutoCAD 3D designs are preferable to the conventional AutoCAD 2D design because they provide more options. Thus, becoming proficient in 3D CAD is essential, and AutoCAD is one of the top 3D CAD applications for businesses. It features a variety of built-in tools to assist experts, planners, or designers with specific operations or tasks. It helps with the design of drawings so that one can work precisely and with accurate estimates.


Which Professions use AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is used by the professionals like Electrical Engineers, Project Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Industrial designers, Civil engineers, architects, Urban planners, Fashion designers, Manufacturing engineers, Plumbing engineers, CAD Drafter, Interior Designer, and CAD technicians.


Why CADD Centre for AutoCAD Training in Chennai?


The most reputed AutoCAD training center among students is CADD Centre Vadapalani & Porur Divisions, which provides AutoCAD courses in a variety of blends and as an independent basis for numerous software programs in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering. As Asia's biggest network of CAD training centre in Chennai, we provide the most in-demand courses for designers, drafters, administrators, and programmers.


With world-renowned training and certifications, we assist students in enhancing the value of their careers. Hence, it's very essential to do AutoCAD training courses at the best AutoCAD Institute in Chennai.


List of Software Courses under AutoCAD Courses at CADD Centre

Some of the software courses for AutoCAD design courses offered by the CADD Centre are,

AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
• AutoCAD 2D design
• AutoCAD 3D design
• AutoCAD for Architects
• AutoCAD for Electrical and more


AutoCAD Course Fees Structure

To learn about our AutoCAD course fee details, speak with our student counselor, or finish up our information request form, our student counselor will get to you within 24 hours.


Placement After Completion of AutoCAD Course in Chennai

Students and professionals will have an easier time succeeding in their career pathways if they have a professional certificate for their AutoCAD course training from one of the reputed brands on the globe.  After completing the AutoCAD course, our students are employed as CAD Designers, CAD Engineers, 2D Drafters, Electrical CAD Engineers, and BIM Modelers by reputable companies in the industry.

With the help of our association across the country and abroad, CADD Centre is able to recruit individuals for regular positions and includes a placement-oriented training module in a portion of its training classes. After you have finished the AutoCAD training at the CADD Center, our course counselor will assist you with further details about the AutoCAD course certification and placement.