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AutoCAD Course in Chennai


Looking to master AutoCAD and advance your career in architecture, engineering, or graphic design? We, CADD Centre gain the trust of students and recent graduates by providing the best AutoCAD training in Chennai at the Vadapalani and Porur branches. Our comprehensive AutoCAD course in Chennai provides you with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle this industry-standard software.


CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur has been the best AutoCAD training institute for many years and also offers many AutoCAD training courses for mechanical and civil engineering students and professionals. Enroll in our AutoCAD course in Chennai and unleash your creativity. We'll guide you through every stage of the process, from the basics to more advanced methods, making sure you graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the chosen industry.

What is AutoCAD?


AutoCAD is the leading computer-aided design (CAD) software, allowing professionals from a variety of industries to develop and refine precise 2D and 3D models. Whether you're an architect creating blueprints, an engineer building advanced devices, or a product designer visualizing new concepts, AutoCAD offers the tools and precision that are needed to bring the vision to life.


AutoCAD Course in Chennai


Gaining proficiency in AutoCAD opens up many job opportunities. From technical drawings and schematics to 3D renderings and simulations, by using AutoCAD you can improve efficiency and accuracy, communicate smoothly, and expand your skill set.

Why Learn our AutoCAD Course in Chennai?


Users of AutoCAD, the industry-standard CAD and drafting program, can create, edit, and collaborate using the desktop, web, and mobile platforms. You can create accurate AutoCAD 2D drawings and AutoCAD 3D drawings and models, electrical schematics, construction plans, interior designs, and more by taking our AutoCAD 2D and 3D course.


AutoCAD learning course is flexible with many tools and features tailored to particular industries. Its numerous automation and customization features facilitate the design process. For professionals in a variety of fields, such as interior design, project management, machining, manufacturing, architectural design, and engineering, the AutoCAD course is a well-liked and essential course to learn which helps them compete in today's job market.


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Overview AutoCAD 2D & 3D Training in Chennai


AutoCAD 2D Course


Among all popular design creation tools, AutoCAD is the most well-known Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software program. Using CAD, professionals can define structures or even other objects without physically sketching out their designs.


The major goal of this AutoCAD 2D design course is to teach the students the fundamentals needed to generate excellent AutoCAD 2D drawings, plans, and drafting using 2D drafting software. Indeed, this course's easy-to-understand design, allows even students with no prior CAD experience to progress quickly. Students will learn all CAD essentials as well as AutoCAD 2D drawing skills.


AutoCAD 3D Course


AutoCAD 3D design is a popular computer-aided design (CAD) program that is used to develop projects that help experts in designing AutoCAD 3D structures, drawings, and architectural models.


Our AutoCAD 3D course's main goal is to teach students the essential skills required to create three-dimensional models in a variety of industries. Learners will be taught how to convert 2D drawings into 3D drawings along with all of the CAD fundamentals.


Why Learn the AutoCAD Course in Chennai at our CADD Centre?


Here are the reasons why learn the AutoCAD course in chennai at our CADD Centre:


     • Enhance your Job Opportunity: Proficiency in AutoCAD is highly valued in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, interior design, and architecture. Learning an AutoCAD course will prepare you for a wide range of interesting job opportunities.


     • Boost Your Design Ability: You can analyse designs, produce accurate documentation, and create precise 2D and 3D models with AutoCAD's powerful tools and simple interface. Our AutoCAD training in Chennai improves your design skills and improves your level of proficiency.


     • Project-Based Learning: Our AutoCAD 3D courses include real-world projects as part of the curriculum. This hands-on approach allows you to apply your knowledge to real-world circumstances while also building a solid portfolio and acquiring essential experience for future job applications.


     • Industry-Recognized Certification: Certifications will be provided after successful course completion by our AutoCAD training institute. Our certifications hold a lot of weight in the job market, proving your dedication and knowledge to potential employers.


Job Opportunities After the AutoCAD Training in Chennai


Here is the list of job opportunities after completing this CAD design course:


     • Electrical Engineers

     • Project Managers

     • Mechanical Engineers

     • Industrial Designers

     • Civil Engineers

     • Architects

     • Urban Planners

     • Fashion Designers

     • Manufacturing Engineers

     • Plumbing Engineers

     • CAD Drafter

     • Interior Designer

     • CAD technicians, etc


List of Software Courses under AutoCAD Training in Chennai at CADD Centre


Some of the software courses for AutoCAD design courses offered by the CADD Centre are,


     • AutoCAD Mechanical

     • AutoCAD Civil 3D

     • AutoCAD 2D design

     • AutoCAD 3D design

     • AutoCAD for Architects

     • AutoCAD for Electrical, etc



Placement After Completion of AutoCAD Course in Chennai


Our goal is to provide the AutoCAD course with placement assistance, job, and career development opportunities for our students throughout the course in Chennai. Our CADD Centre Headquarters placement staff organizes placement drives, scholarship programs, etc. After completing the AutoCAD course at the CADD Centre, Chennai, students will receive a professional, globally recognized course completion certificate.

AutoCAD Course Fees in Chennai


To learn about our AutoCAD course fees in Chennai CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur or to speak with our student counsellor, fill up our information request form, our student counsellor will get to you within a day.


CADD Centre is a great option for first- and final-year students looking for their first job in an organization. We placed more than 42,000 of our trained students in companies across more than 40 nations.

Our student counsellor will guide you through the courses and provide placement guidance. Please visit our website to view our list of placed students and get in touch with our student counsellor for further details on placement at the CADD Centre.