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Revit MEP Training Centre

Revit MEP Training Centre In Chennai

Autodesk Revit MEP is a building information modeling (BIM) software. this software is created by Autodesk for professionals who work in MEP engineering. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing which are the three engineering disciplines that are addressed by Revit MEP. The software is powerful enough to leverage dynamic information in intelligent models. The software is used to streamline the engineering design process making product design and development more efficient.

Revit MEP

BIM Software

Revit is a BIM (Building information modeling) software for Architects, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & plumbing engineers.Its a advanced 3D Modelling software. Revit MEP training centre in Chennai is CADD Centre. In CADD centre we are only teaching the Latest & update recent trend syllabus.

Autodesk Revit architecture is used by architects and other building professionals. The purpose is to help in the way of reducing risk, obtain insight into how buildings will perform before construction begins. Revit MEP Training Centre in chennai is recommended. Develop better quality design and improve project delivery and learn it from best cadd centre in Chennai.

To design and document the building by greating parametric three –dimensional model. That included both the geometry and non- geometric design and construction information. Which is also know as BIM building Information Modelling. The ability to manipulate an object is individual polygons excepts on some specific object type such as Roof, slabs and terrains in massing environment. Therefore the learning of additional civil courses is most important.

Revit course at CADD CENTRE includes categories of objects
  • System families(walls, Floors, Roofs, Ceiling )
  • Loadable Families/Components ( Extrusion, sweeps.. etc., )
  • Inplace families which are built in-situ with in a project

Revit Renderings are best things which will make a project more realistic model. This is accomplished by either using the premade models like wall, floor, etc..,. Revit Mep training can be looked as a significant value addition.

Advanced Rendering & animation projects which much of their material and objects information maintained, So Autocad training is a key requirement.

Course Objectives

The course will help students and professionals to leverage Revit MEP to develop Revit MEP design, product simulation, design communication, tooling creation, and much more. The course will help the candidates master the technology enhancing their skills and productivity to a greater level.

  • It helps to reduce risk and develop better quality MEP systems.
  • The software fast tracks the design and construction of the project by enhanced visualizations.
  • It streamlines the engineering design process using a single model for better design communication.
  • The software will help in building element energy analysis, structural analytical modeling, duct
  • The HVAC/electrical design helps to see the room color-fill plans visually.