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Product Design Courses in Chennai

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Product Design Courses in Chennai


Product design courses generate, develop, and improve products that precisely deliver the market needs and solve users' problems. Product design is the best designing course through which possible products in physical or digital format are developed to meet the needs and wishes of customers. 


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About Product Design Courses at CADD Centre


The Product Designing course at CADD Centre is all about the design, making, and use of products that we see around everywhere. Our product design course combines 3D design, sketching, product manufacturing, digital designing, technological application, and design skills in several types of product design. 


Role of Product Designers 


One of the crucial roles played by product designers involves developing awesome products for customers by identifying business objectives market trends, and user needs. Product Designer has duties such as developing the product specifications, drawing digital or paper drawings, and creating products. Product designer training will further improve their designing and modeling skills, thereby letting them adapt to the industry's needs. 


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Why Consider Learning Product Design Courses at the CADD Centre? 


By enrolling in product design certificate programs at CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur the candidates can enhance their prototyping skills to succeed in the product design industry.

Development of skills: Product designing needs competencies that are unique and have to be put together to realize the integrity of the product. They look like a sort of merging of business, art, and engineering at their unique point of contact product design. The curriculum of the CADD center generally addresses the skills that matter the most to these students. 

Career opportunities: Moreover, our product design courses motivate pupils to choose diverse options for a product design career. You have a bigger space for development than you can think. 

A new way of product design: We at CADD offer the best product design course to develop students to think, make, run, and manage a business in big nets. You can either be self-employed or employed by the company by yourself.

Design the product’s lifecycle in your way: Teaching you to make a conspicuous and one-of-a-kind scale model of a product. You can design your programs to enact the qualities required for the job market and enable you to overcome competition. 


More importantly, the CADD Centre at Vadapalani and Porur is among the best product design schools in Chennai to start learning your design courses. 


Who Can Enroll in the Product Design Courses at the CADD Centre? 


->Students with a Bachelor's degree in any design engineering course.

->Working professionals in Designing industry 

->Individuals interested in product designing 

->People in related fields like user interface, architecture, and fashion designing


Knowledge Gained Through Our Product Design Courses at CADD 


i) Through our product design training, students will acquire complex thinking skills, creative solutions, and design knowledge. 

ii) You will be able to acquire a synthesis of functionality, budget, and aesthetics. These skills will make you able to meet market needs.

iii) Faculties at CADD will let you master the four major modules of product design - designing, modeling, prototyping, and testing

Benefits of Joining CADD Centre for Product Design Courses


CADD Centre at Vadapalani and Porur is known for providing the best product design courses in Chennai. By taking our product design courses students can gain a variety of advantages throughout the training session such as,

  • Organized workshops with the best product designing professionals 
  • Internships and real-time project opportunities with top design companies 
  • Product designer certification is given upon the course completion which is organised across various industries
  • Developing own product with the assistance of experienced faculties through weekly reviews and remarks 


Product Design Courses Structure 


Product design certificate programs at CADD train our candidates with top-notch product designing software that is used and recognized across leading industries. Our Product Design courses include trending software such as  

 Also, we offer other top design courses such as Industrial design course which includes more of the product designing methods. 


Placement After Completing Product Design Courses at CADD Centre


CADD Centre Vadapalani and Porur aim to bring out the best product designers from their candidates. Our product design certificate programs include what you expect the most, placement assistance after the course completion. Being the best CADD Centre, our placement guarantee program assists you with getting job letters in your desired workplaces.


Product Design Course Fees 


To learn about our Product Design course fee details, speak with our student counselor, or fill up our information request form, our student counselor will get you up within a day.

There are a lot of opportunities offered in our CADD Centre at Vadapalani and Porur in the field of Product design other than a product design certificate.



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