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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering technology helps in the creation of a three-dimensional virtual model of the physical part that already exists. With the use of reverse engineering, the manufacturers deconstruct system or product, evaluate, improve, or transform the information of obsolete design.

Course Objectives

The course will teach the students the different methods of importing, parsing, manipulating, and modifying 3D data. The course will also equip the students to analyze the structure, function, and operations of a product. The students will also learn the applications of computed tomography scanning, 3D optical scanning, digital archiving, class ‘A’ surfacing and much more.

Reverse Engineering
  • It strengthens existing features of products.
  • Helps to analyze all the features of the competitor’s product.
  • Identify the new avenues to enhance the features and performance of the product.
  • Analyze the competitor’s products to develop a better product.