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Non-Destructive Testing (QA/QC)

Non-Destructive Testing (QA/QC)

Quality Assurance (QA) suggests as a set of procedures that ensure that product-undergoing development can fulfill the requirements of customer and clients whereas Quality Control (QC) is a set of methods that provide that a manufacturing product can meet the needs of the customer.

Non-Destructive Testing which is a group of analysis techniques which exists for testing, inspecting, evaluating materials, or assemblies for the difference in factors which cause any damage to the test material.

Course Objectives

The training in QA/QC will provide in-depth knowledge that is essential for welding and piping during regular visual welding inspection or piping inspection activities.

Non-Destructive Testing (QA/QC)
It plays a significant role in the industries with:
  • Keeping track of construction quality of buildings
  • The software helps in resolving issues before they pile up
  • Ensure compliance standards
  • Correct deficiencies with a construction project