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AutoCAD 3D

AutoCAD 3D

AutoCAD 3D is among one of the prominent Computer Aided Designing (CAD). It helps the users to design ideas, visualize the concepts, and simulate the performance of designs in the real world.

Course Objectives

The AutoCAD 3D course will involve the students from the beginning of 3D modeling process. The course will teach the students to convert 2D diagrams into 3D models. It is an instructor-led course which involves multiple hands-on examples. The hands-on course will provide the students with a lot of practical tips and tricks of AutoCAD 3D.

AutoCAD 3D
  • Used as an architectural planning tool
  • Used as an engineering drafting tool
  • Used as a graphic designing tool
  • Used in 3D printing
  • Used in fashion industry
  • Used as an industrial design tool